Rich Chorné - 2011 - Please Contact him for your next Entertainment Opportunity!

Rich Chorné was raised in El Paso and graduated from UTEP with a BA in English in 1969. Early on, he started a dual life with his music and his professional career. He performed with many El Paso bands and ultimately teamed up with Jay Boy Adams, and toured the country opening for ZZ Top in the early 70’s.

He moved to the East Coast to follow his dreams in the 70's and settled down in a job with Sony Corporation in Manhattan and the Mid-Atlantic area where he held many management positions. He also served as Program Director for SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) in Washington, DC and produced many technical programs throughout Washington to help usher in HDTV.

All along the way he kept playing and writing and won songwriter awards from the Washington Area Songwriters Association. He produced three CD’s and became part of the festival circuit in the Chesapeake area. 

Now a New Mexico resident, Rich performs with the various configurations to broaden his skills. He fulfills his jazz and Latin calling by playing with Michael Francis and El Paso's Frank Zona. He was chosen to perform at the Roswell Jazz Festival of 2014, and very interestingly, changed format and played for Ruidoso's Cowboy Symposium. Many will remember the years of his leading the house band at Ruidoso's Casa Blanca, they were called the Eliminators. With Frank Zona's Urban Edge, he has played many concerts in the El Paso area.

Rich’s journey has been a long one so far, and it’s not over yet.  His philosophy is to find the best players around, step up to the challenge, thus raising the bar.  He’s traveled many miles of highway, both literal and figurative, and in the process has developed a mature musical voice which embraces the diversity of American roots music.  He is now releasing his forth CD, Rich’s Brew, which is a “best of” his original compositions.  More importantly, he is still excited about the music that’s influenced him, and that energy is very apparent in his ongoing performances.  

Here is a video of the band and other friends on 1/1/11, a most auspicious day!

Here is Rich with Choo Choo Charlie, 3/17/11

Rich playing bass for the Shine On! Performance benefiting
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lincoln County, NM at the Spencer Theatre of the Performing Arts
Stand Up - by Sugarland

Rich is good friends with saxophone great Frank Zona and Urban Edge from El Paso

"Please send me Somebody to Love" by Rich Chorné and Frank Zona with Urban Edge; 10/13/11

Besame Mucho - with Michael Francis - Smooth and Jazzy